Laying it Down with Garret (Zoom)

December 12th, 2020 4PM PST Holiday edition!  Register here.
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 It's the Holiday Edition!  We’ll bring in the holiday decor, sounds of the season, good tidings, and BIG, BOLD REDS! Garret and Manon will discuss and will taste this perfect holiday kit.

2015 Nelcôte Cabernet Sauvignon “500 Cheveux” $126.
Winemaker: Philip Titus
Trivia: named after Formula One cars, min 500kg & 500hp

2015 Patel Malbec $126.
Winemaker: Julien Fayard
Trivia: The biggest boldest Malbecs in the world are from Cahors!

2017 Longfellow Cabernet Sauvignon $126.
Winemaker: Kale Anderson
Trivia: Kale was the youngest awarded 100 point from Robert Parker

2017 Ellman “Brothers Blend” Cabernet Blend $76.
Winemaker: Andy Erickson
Trivia: Andy Erickson was the winemaker for Screaming Eagle!