All our events will be virtual for 2021 and are listed below.

Quarterly Club Chats:

Wines evolve; we see it in the Tasting Room every day. We want to be spontaneous in what we bring to our get-together, and we want you to also! There will be no set plan as to what we're tasting! Instead, we'll share wines with you that are brand new, just released, or simply tasting incredible. We invite you to drop into our Zoom chat with any wine you like, and Garret's going to do the same. Bring what you love! Stay as long as you want! This tasting style is what we're all about. We're unpretentious, we love phenomenal wines, and we love to have fun.

Laying it Down with Garret:
A light-hearted fun tasting with Garret and his daughter Manon on Zoom, Facebook Live and Instagram live.  
Each kit features 4 or 5 bottles to taste.

See you there!

Laying it Down with Garret (Zoom)

March 20th, 2021 4PM PST   Register here.
Purchase the kit here!  THE BORDEAUX VARIETALS! (Cabernet, Merlot, Malbec, Cab Franc, Petit Verdot)
Garret and Manon will discuss and will taste.

The Tasting Kit features:
2017 Longfellow Cabernet Sauvignon $126.
2016 Flanagan Merlot $86.
2015 Patel Malbec  $126.
2016 Zosia Petit Verdot $76.
2018 Vinoce Cabernet Franc $76.

Laying it Down with Garret (Zoom)

February 20th, 2021 4PM PST  Register here.
Purchase the kit here!
CAB FRANC - let's compare these superstars!
Garret and Manon will discuss and will taste this varietal, which dates back to 17th century  France.

The Tasting Kit features:
2016 Oestermann Cab Franc, Stagecoach  $106.
2015 Patel Cab Franc, Coombsville $126.
2016 Zosia Cab Franc, Pritchard Hill $151.
2015 Vinoce Cab Franc, Mt Veeder $76.

Private Club Chat (Zoom)

February 13th, 2021 4PM PST 
Valentine's Day Weekend Fun!
Wines we LOVE, forever and always.
Club Members register here. Purchase the kit here.

The Tasting Kit features:

2018 Buoncristiani Cabernet Sauvignon $121.
2016 Patel Red Wine Blend $76.
2017 Tela Cabernet Sauvignon $66.
2018 Vinoce St Helena Cabernet Sauvignon $61.

Laying it Down with Garret (Zoom)

December 12th, 2020 4PM PST Holiday edition!  Register here.
Purchase the kit here!

 It's the Holiday Edition!  We’ll bring in the holiday decor, sounds of the season, good tidings, and BIG, BOLD REDS! Garret and Manon will discuss and will taste this perfect holiday kit.

2015 Nelcôte Cabernet Sauvignon “500 Cheveux” $126.
Winemaker: Philip Titus
Trivia: named after Formula One cars, min 500kg & 500hp

2015 Patel Malbec $126.
Winemaker: Julien Fayard
Trivia: The biggest boldest Malbecs in the world are from Cahors!

2017 Longfellow Cabernet Sauvignon $126.
Winemaker: Kale Anderson
Trivia: Kale was the youngest awarded 100 point from Robert Parker

2017 Ellman “Brothers Blend” Cabernet Blend $76.
Winemaker: Andy Erickson
Trivia: Andy Erickson was the winemaker for Screaming Eagle!

Private Club Chat (Zoom)

December 5th, 2020 4PM PST Philippe Melka edition!
Club Members register here. Purchase the kit here.
A chat and tasting featuring Philippe Melka with wines from Roy Estate and Parallel Wines. Get to know Philippe and chat about these extraordinary wines, his winemaking style, and his background. Garret and Philippe are old friends, so this should be extra fun! 

The tasting kit features:

2016 Roy Estate Mr. Evans Proprietary Red $246
2016 Roy Estate Cabernet Sauvignon $266
2017 Parallel Wines Black Diamond Reserve “Eclipse” $181
2017 Parallel Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon $111

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