Gifts & Specials / 2014 Flanagan Merlot, Bennett Valley

2014 Flanagan Merlot, Bennett Valley


Bennett Valley first became well known for making Merlot back when David Ramey was the winemaker at Matanzas
Creek. It's a pleasure to bring great Merlot back to Bennett Valley. The steep hillsides that are the source for our Merlot produce intense fruit with tremendous structure and concentration. The wine is 100% Merlot but even top sommeliers frequently ask me how much Cabernet is in it. To me the wine is reminiscent of a top vintage of Figeac or Vieux Chateau Certan, which are both Merlot based right bank Bordeaux wines that have a meaningful percentage of Cabernet. 


The 2013 has the distinctive floral notes that are typical of the site. The palate has a powerful blend of savory notes and ripe red and black fruits… and a ton of structure. This wine naturally has great color and concentration. Winemaker Cabell Coursey approaches the Merlot with the attitude that the site makes the wine special and capturing that in the bottle is his job. Farming at the highest level, picking for balance and making the wine with minimal intervention, all contribute to what we believe is one of the top Merlot wines made in California.


HARVEST DATE: October 1st

BRIX: 24.3       pH: 3.78        TA: 5.7g/L