Garret Murphy & Kim Erasmy

In the late 1990‘s, we realized just how many amazing Napa winemakers there are who produce phenomenal wines, yet are just under the radar of the national press and the general wine-public.  Many times these are the Vintners who work for renown labels, and produce their own handcrafted projects on the side.  They are creative mavericks, whether they are newcomers to Napa Valley or were raised here amongst the vines.  Their wines are so much like the heirloom tomatoes found at our local farmers market... they begin their odyssey with grapes that have been carefully and lovingly farmed, and magically craft them into wine.  These Vintners do not have a tasting room of their own, and crave exposure and advocacy.   

At the same time, we always felt that those consumers who are truly passionate about wine across the United States have a real desire to dig deeper and know more, to understand the connections between the winemakers, wineries, vineyards and people that are ever-changing, and that make up the undercurrent of Napa Valley.   We looked for way to bring these passionate and talented people together.  In 2002, with the help of family and friends, and with Garret’s background in food and wine, and mine in design, we took the plunge. We fell in love with the gorgeous stone landmark building we call home, and we look forward to many years of it’s old stories.